Friday, November 16, 2007

Spanish lesson time! Today's topic: "la gran sensación de la Major Soccer League"

The gist: might Jozy be making the ultimate move soon?

p.s.--don't you just love "Major Soccer League"? Ah, we only wish it were true!


Slurpo-san said...

Hilarious Spanglish translation courtesy of

The Madrid continues to Altidore, scorer of the Network Bulls The Madrid tests the international market to the search of young footballers, with talent and of low price. Three qualities that complies the forward one Jozy Altidore (the United States., 1989), the great sensation of the Major Soccer League, that already is in the white agenda for the next course.

The Madrid already has clear its strategy of future: to put on file to the better pearls of the just world soccer before they exploit and its price shoot itself to disproportionate figures. The sports direction carries time tracking the less well-known and emerging markets of the international panorama and already has a name in mind: Jozy Altidore. It is a matter of a powerful forward one (1.86 meters and 80 kilograms of weight) American of barely 18 years that at present plays in the New York Network Bulls of the Major Soccer League (MLS), the league of the United States, and Al that the white assembly is continuing very closely.

So much, that the enclosed one to Pedja Mijatovic, Carlos Bucero, travelled yesterday to this country to see the ending of the championship (the finalists confront two qualifying rounds to departure and return and then they are played all to a party), that will dispute this Sunday the Houston Dynamo and the New England Revolution, exactly the team that eliminated to the Network Bulls in semifinals of the Conference This. Bucero would be able to have taken advantage of this trip to initiate the conversations with the club of new York and even to tie to Altidore, a footballer Al raises. This season, its second in the MLS, has marked nine goals in 22 parties and its performance has surprised so much that the coach, Bob Bradley, has called him already so that debut tomorrow with the absolute one in a friendly one in South Africa.

Altidore complies the requirements of projection and low cost that seeks the Madrid, and would continue the path opened by Mark it. The club wagered does a campaign by the Brazilian (19 years) so that to learn of Roberto Carlos and this season has exploited, being won the confidence of Schuster. The idea is that Altidore be several seasons next to Raúl and they Go Nistelrooy and later, already acclimated and more experienced in the lame, Spanish League the changeover of the captain and of the Dutchman.

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