Monday, February 11, 2008

One-touch takes on US v. Mexico

So, my quick takes on the game?

Both Mexico's goals were the same defender (“Jonny” Magallon) torching Drew “don’t play me no” Moor. They were (head-bashing-ly) identical. So, we can take solace in the hopefully-secure knowledge that these were probably our 3rd or 4th choice right and left backs (left back Ramiro Corrales was also a disaster). They were both simply putrid.

Midfield is still a mess, but it was noteworthy and promising that the midfield seemed to instantly gain poise with the insertion of Benny Feilhaber and Freddy Adu. I'm not saying Benny was perfect, but the difference was stark. It reassured me that Benny really does have a lot to offer despite his nightmare season with Derby County. He badly needs to find a club where he can get some playing time. Against a Mexico, though, he's not outsized and we desperately need his technical skill. I've decided he needs to go to Spain.

I would have liked to have seen Maurice Edu longer, too. I think he is the real deal. But, bottom line: our young guys are not afraid to possess the ball against Mexico, and this is a new development.
And this series could get really, really good in the next five years, b/c the young Mexicans are also a handful (and strangely, a few are fairly likeable). It can only help both sides improve on the world stage.

I'm not sure what to do about our left flank. I thought Bobby Convey would play better, but he was really poor. Brought nothing to the table. Maybe he was having to cover too much for Corrales. But, it probably would be a good idea to try out someone else until DMB recovers (Klijsten maybe? Can he play the left?). Eddie Lewis, sad to say, appears a more productive choice than Convey, and that is troubling.

Jozy Altidore kicked butt as you saw (for an 18-year old). He was giving Marquez fits all night. Notably, for being in preseason form, he held up pretty well over 90. It was also clear that he and Dempsey were not used to working together. Gotta think that will only get better. But know who would pair well with him at the moment? McBride. (Sigh. Why do I even think such things!)

Entertaining game, though. Mexico was a bit lucky to have gotten back into it (lucky, that is, that we started a JV right back), and we were a bit lucky they didn't grab a third goal in the last 25 minutes. So, the result was pretty fair.

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