Monday, February 11, 2008

Sartorial sidebar

Executive Summary: Blech!

As loyal fans of the US MNT know, we played CONCACAF arch-rival Mexico in a friendly last week in Houston (2-2 draw). One of the smaller storylines was the unveiling of a new jersey. Reminiscent of the royal blue number with white stripes that was featured as a “third alternative” jersey last year, the new kit is mostly white with small horizontal stripes running across it (see pic). What do I think? I think it is putrid, like the play of right back Drew Moor and left back Ramiro Corrales in the Mexico game. Why not stick with the classy (and historical) red strip across a white background? This will not become an addition to my collection of US MNT jerseys.

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Slurpo-san said...

Slurpo-san say--I know this was passed around last year, but its worth another look: The article is Slate's look at the UNMNT's uniforms over the years.

I strongly agree with the article--let's pick a basic look at stick with it. There's no problem with occasional updating/tweaking (as England often does), but the basic template should always remain the same.

of course this has Nike's fingerprints all over it--new uni, means more sales from people who have to have the latest design. But at what cost to the identity (assuming we have an identity, of the MNT.