Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jozy Altidore takes flight

Count Balompie Blog among the fans of NY Red Bull striker (and part-time NYTimes blogger) Jozy Altidore. The kid is as likeable as he is talented. In support, I recommend the Soccernet article on him out today. Good stuff. Tidbit I didn't know: Jozy's already 6'1" and is projected by doctors to hit 6'3". Oy.
And, okay, I'll try my best to be patient on his development, as, it seems from his blog, Jozy himself urges. But, gee willikers and gosh almighty, I sure hope he pans out. I do think that one more year in MLS with Angel and Arena would be beneficial for him. If he tears up the league next year, think of that transfer fee to MLS. Heck, it would give Becks more time to be awed (and to urge his mates at ManU or his chum Arsene Wenger to take a closer look).

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Slurpo-san said...

the mighty Slurpo-san checking in here. Excellent work all around by my blogging compatriot.

I too am excited about Altidore's potential--I am trying to be patient so as to avoid situations such as Freddy Adu (way too much pressure at a young age) and Landon Donovan (doomed to disappoint, it would seem). but its so hard when he's this good, this early. And didn't Rooney start contributing to Everton at 16 or 17? why should we hold Jozy back just b/c he's young?

I'd be all over the transfer bandwagon, except that I love Arena, and think that playing with Angel and a class act like Reyna can do nothing but help the kid grow and become a better player and person.

slurpo-san has spoken.