Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby*

Now, this has to be taken as a positive sign for MLS! I'm speaking of the appearance of Morrissey at the "Superclasico" between Chivas USA and the LA Galaxy a few weeks back. The best part of the story: despite the common Manchester ties that both he and Becks claim, Morrissey was evidently pulling for Chivas USA! Typical Morrissey-- ever the contrarian. Read all about it here. (Side query: will Chivas become the favorite side of asexuals around the globe? Clue: their low attendance suggests yes.) In keeping with the post's title, what must Becks do to earn Morrissey's fan allegiance? Enter your own Smiths's song-title-referenced answer here: ___________________.

In other news, before you start thinking that American winger Bobby Convey is heading "Nowhere Fast" (bit of a Smiths stretch there. My apologies), looks like his manager at Reading (Balompie Blog's favorite economic historian and EPL manager Steve Coppell) is going to try and work him back into the lineup in some capacity. Maybe, even as a right winger? That, dear reader, is news for anyone who has witnessed Bobby's complete lack of a right foot. Or has he been deceiving us? Does he really have a good right foot that he just ignores? (Maybe he's not "Half a Person" like some of us thought? Ugh. Sorry again.) Either way, should be interesting to watch. And good to see him fighting so hard for a spot. As Coppell rightly points out, Stephen Hunt has been a beast for Reading ever since Bobby went down last year, so pretty hard to sit him in order to give Convey his old slot back.
Yet, last night in Carling Cup action between Reading and Liverpool, Bobby made his case for inclusion in the regular starting 11 in some form, scoring one goal on a great volley from outside the box, and almost grabbing another. Reading succumbed 4-2 (Fernando Torres notched a hat trick), but the highlights I watched suggested a supremely entertaining match. Is Bobby on his way back? Stay tuned.

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