Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend Wrap

A busy football weekend, for both the American and world variety. So, data dump to follow:

Odds and Ends:
1. To wrap up the Danny Szetela story, he decided to sign with...Racing Santander. Ah yes! The obvious choice! Seriously, I don't think anyone saw this coming, but not at all a bad decision. He should get playing time in a top league. Plus, life in Santander will be sweet; that's a beautiful part of Spain. Balompie Blog readers will now be assigned to the mullet watch. How long until Danny grows one?

2. Bob Bradley announced his roster for the upcoming friendly against Brazil (this coming Sunday--more match info later in the week). Looks like Eddie Johnson is back. Sigh. Also, am I the only one who greeted the Davy Arnaud inclusion with a "What the...?" I mean, really, who got selected? Most strange. I'm all for a fellow Texan getting a call-up, bit does Davy Arnaud really deserve a selection over Jozy Altidore? Really? Maybe Jozy's still dealing with injury--I'll have to investigate.

3. Note in the roster that Bornstein was finally dropped! Hip-hip! But wait: is this merely a case of Bradley being kind to MLS managers and letting Chivas have its star defender as the playoff positioning continues?

4. Freddy Adu did not dress for this weekend's game. Not a good sign. It's almost as if Benfica went out and hired Peter Novak as its new manager.

1. In a 3-3 draw with Tottenham, Demsey looked solid up top for Fulham and bagged his 2nd goal in as many starts. The guy looks like he's settling in the EPL. He was sharp on the ball and (I thought) about the most dangerous Fulham player on the pitch. Of course, Spurs should have run them out of the grounds in the first half.... No Keller in this one. Regrettable, because he might have actually been able to help. 1st Spurs goal was a real stinker.

2. The strange dealings over at Derby County continue! First, they get absolutely destroyed by Liverpool, 6-0. Second, no Eddie Lewis, which is surprising since he looked good in his one start for the club. Third, no Benny Feilhaber! What?! Scotto confused. My only plausible explanation: Manager Billy Davies knew his team would be publicly emasculated, so decided to spare his new-to-the-EPL midfielder from the debacle. If not that, then I give up! But, gee, Derby sure looks to have a firm grip on the bottom of the table.

3. Whaddup with Reading? After a trouncing last week at the hands of Bolton, this week they got shallacked 3-0 by West Ham. Hahnemann didn't look too good in this one, IMO, but, frankly, neither did the team. I'm a little worried about Reading. They seem to be in a little bit of disaray. Perhaps now that the transfer window has closed (and Nickey Shorey is secure) they will settle down and start playing.

1. This weekend, I watched KC and Houston battle to a 1-1 tie. Not a bad match. I always enjoy watching Houston play. EJ got the goal for KC, which probably helped ensure his selection to the national team against Brazil. It was a fine goal: he made the run he should have made and finished a fine cross. But it wsa nothing spectacular. I thought the Houston goal much better.

2. I really can't stand watching poor NY Red Bulls play on an artificial field with football markings. Notch this story for the "MLS--Minor League Soccer" series.

3. Denilson IS FC Dallas's own Beckham. He arrives, and, voila, they get abused by DC United! (4-0!) I did NOT see that one coming. And, man, DC has really come on of late. Will they be the team to watch in the playoffs?

All for now...

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