Friday, September 7, 2007

USA v. Brazil (Sah-ker v. Joga Bonito)

With the game two days away, I thought I'd offer my pre-game two cents.

First, watch the game Sunday on ESPN2 at 4pm EST/3pm CST!

Second, good video of the team eating at Fogo de Chão.

Third, my thoughts on the game:
  • Will we once again come out in our new 4-6-0 formation, featuring 6 midfielders? Almost. I think Eddie will start.
  • Look for the midfield to tire early, especially Benny if he gets the starting nod.
  • I think Dempsey will have a decent game. I'm just feeling this...
  • Hope Tim Howard hydrates properly ahead of the match.

Okay, my guess at the starting 11 (note: not my preferred lineup): 4-4-2:







That's how I think we'll come out. Preferred lineup ideas: I'd rather see the defence shaken up a bit. I'm a DeMerit fan, and would pair him with Boca (though really wish Conrad were here). I also would like to see Pearce get a shot to see what he can do on the left.

I am no EJ fan, but don't think we have much choice with these lineup options. Dempsey has been playing well at forward of late, so keep him there on this roster void of good forward options.

I also don't think we have much choice in the midfield. Need Donovan and Beasley in there (though Landon could swap with Deuce--not a good idea IMO since Clint is showing good form there) to have any chance. But either way, this Brazil lineup will eat up Bradley and Benny. And there are no other good options on the bench. I wish Ricardo Clark had been called in. Or a Ben Olsen. With Pablo out, there is no bite or composer. We'll get dominated here.

So, I don't know where we get our goal from. Brazil 2-0, despite Howard heroics.

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