Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What Marion Barry and I have in common

Since sending an e-mail to D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty regarding my support for a stadium in D.C. for D.C. United (no response from the mayor's office, for the record), I've been paying attention to local discussions about the issue. A little bakstory first: The District is going to (or already has--not sure which) come into possession of land along the east side of the Anacostia River that was/is federal park land. The land is known as Poplar Point. There's nothing of note there currently.

D.C. United has put forward a plan to develop the land, the centerpiece of the plan being a 27,000-seat soccer stadium. The proposal also offers other retail, restaurant, corporate and residential spaces. The stadium plan actually looks pretty cool.

Well, it now appears convicted felon, former D.C. Mayor, and current Ward 8 Representative on the District Council Marion Barry has now entered the fray, and is strongly in favor of the D.C. United-led proposal. I'll admit that I too am in favor of the proposal. We're two peas in a pod, Barry and I. Seriously, though, Barry's endorsement is curious. Is there good ol' D.C. corruption afoot?


I was out of town this weekend, so have been slow to view the recorded matches from the weekend. Nevertheless, one of the biggest news items for American fans from the weekend surrounds the controversial Clint Dempsey elboy that cracked the cheekbone of England national team captain and Chelsea stalwart John Terry. Read about the match here. Looks like no action will be taken against Dempsey despite protests from Chelsea players that it was an intentional elbow. Glad the league backed Fulham. I concur. Anyway, lost in that confusion was the solid performance put in by Kasey Keller in shutting out Chelsea. That rocks.

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