Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Balompie's In-Game Thoughts

Doing this in real time to see how my in-match predictions play out.

And we're off.
U.S. slow to get into the match, but by the 1/4 hour mark, have worked way into the game.
-We've slowed after the DMB knock (he got a bad cleat to his ankle, and was slow to get up).
-Switzerland attacking almost exclusively down the right. Eddie Lewis is not covering well at left back.
-Pearce coming in for DMB might be a blessing in disguise, with Eddie slotting up to MF.
-Feilhaber so far not showing up on the right in the first 35 min.
-Onyewu off to his usual cardable tricks. Will this be another send-off?
-Field conditions terrible. Will goal come on a slip?
-Could really use some sort of offense. Adu might actually be really useful here.
-42nd--nice pressure, but sloppy. By far our best chance.Great chance off the subsequent corner.

Onyewu on his way usual. One yellow down, one to go.
-Edu growing in presence as the first half progresses.

Much better last fifteen minutes of the first half.

2nd half:
Subs for US starting 2nd half:Guzan in as keeper. Cailiff for who? Gooch I hope. Thanks announcers.Great! Gooch out! Hip! Hip! Good move for foreign relations as he was about to have a throwdwon with Strellar, or whatever his name is.
-Lively start to the 2nd half for the US.
-50th--normally hate short corners, but that should've been a U.S. goal. Cailliff blew the open header.
-52--yellow card to Edu. Unfair. Certainly not card-worthy.
-53--leaky d by the U.S. Lucky that center went through untouched.
-54--saw Adu warming up along with two others. I say Twelman comes out at 60.

-58--Benny looking much better this half.
-59 nice poise by Edu. Definitely growing more comfortable as the match wears on. His first touch much better than our last generation of players
-61--so nice to have Cherundolo back! Easily our best one-on-one defender.

-65--Swiss looking alot more poised. We're lucky they didn't score on this break.
-69--I think we're looking a little wobbly now. Not stringing any passes together, Benny's disappeared again. Swiss looking the more likely to score.
-70--sure enough. Great chance for the Swiss. Another break for us.

Cailiff looks like he's 40.
76--Adu coming in! In for Twellman. Good move. We need a spark.
77--nice first touch by Freddy, wearing #25 by the way.

82--Goof-up by Guzan as he handles outside the box. Will it cost the U.S.?
Well, he makes up for the goof with a good save.

83--U.S. freekcik. Freddy taking the free kick? Well, first, Szetela coming in for Eddie Lewis. That should ensure Freddy takes the kick.
Not a bad cross. Looked like a hand ball to me by the Swiss defender! Will Swiss tv replay it?
Nice scrappy goal!
Nice, driving cross from Szetela! After a nice pass from Edu to switch fields. Scrappy ending, but nice build up.

Now, can they hold on for the victory?
88--Great body control by Freddy! Almost got himself a goal...after good possession by Deuce.

Into stoppage time...
Freddy again making his mark. Draws a nice foul. Let him take the kick!

Adu lines up, and...right to the keeper.

And game. Wow. Boo-birds out en force. Why? Rough crowd.

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