Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Freddy Adu marca outra vez!

Babel Fish translation from Portugese: Freddy Adu scores again! You can continue to practice your Portugese AND watch his goal and other match highlights from this weekend's 2-1 Benfica victory over Maritimo here (and, incidentally, I love this new U.S. Soccer-run blog that tracks Amis abroad and has great video feeds that certain big-brother-operated filters have yet to block--knock on wood).
Scroll back to the homepage for the same blog and you can get updates on all the other yanks abroad. Note, yet again, that Benny Feilhaber was absent from the Derby County lineup when Derby County submitted meekly to a dominating Everton. I might have to put on the detective cap again. Things are not going well for Benny there, and I can't figure the reason. Considering that (in my opinion) he has not looked bad in his limited appearances, and that Derby is currently stinking up the league, I don't know why he can't crack the first team. Is he carrying an injury? Does Davies not like him? Is he a disaster in training? I think his national form has been decent, so who knows.
And looking ahead, does he stay next year when the Rams are once more duking it out in the Football League Championship? Heck, he'd hopefully get plenty of playing time then. But I vote that he go over to Holland to hang with Michael Bradley.

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Slurpo-san said...

"Hey this is Fre-ddy...hey this is Fre-ddy"...okay that's probably completely random unless you attended any Korea matches during WC02. Anyway, it is awesome to see Freddy seizing his opportunity. Its not a surprise that he has had to prove himself in domestic cup matches, and he's produced there. Now he's getting a chance to play on the league and even UEFA CL level.

This was a great poacher's goal--the type you see Ruud Van Nistelrooy score all the time. This goal is a product of understanding the game and positioning yourself in the right place at the right time. Given Freddy's exceptional techical gifts, if he can add RVN-type instincts to his game, the future is indeed bright.

BTW--it loooked like an incredibly entertaining game by the way--the first Benfica goal coming courtesy of a penalty when the Maritimo left back handled a completely innocuous ball during an inexplicable moment of madness. And then the Benfica keeper was sent off, setting up a penalty, which the reserve keeper saved! Oh and the first Maritimo goal was sheer class. What a great, entertaining game.