Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ray Hudson's delirium celebrated...

In case you haven't come across this site yet, may I recommend spending a few minutes on a blog that currently has the U.S. Soccer blogosphere alight: Yes, it's a blog dedicated to the hyperbolic ramblings of soccer commentator Ray Hudson. I remember watching the Copa America this summer and figuring he was under the influence of a large dose of the fruit of the coca plant, but having since viewed many more matches on GolTV on which he has commented (commentated?), I now recognize that he is always like that.
A sample? How about Hudson on Riquelme, who has to be his favorite footballer in the world. During the telecast of Argentina's 2-0 World Cup qualifying win over Chile last week, Hudson called Riquelme "the greatest footballer in the world," "one of the truly great poets of football," "an artist," "brilliant genius" and even a "big, beautiful strolling zombie." He concluded, "That man, who could have been, should have been a bullfighter, because he is a true matador footballer. The tango man."
Well said. No, wait! What in the wide world of sports is he talking about?

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