Thursday, August 23, 2007

American Goalkeepers: the new black

I guess everybody just has to have one--an American goalkeeper that is. Fulham FC notes on their website the signing of aging Ami backstop Kasey Keller (link below). Not too surprising really after the gaffes last weekend for poor Fulham. But, also, perhaps a sign that Lawrie Sanchez may not be too dissatisfied by all the Amis he has on his bench???

Separate Q: With now 4 yank keepers plying their trade in the EPL, are we finally seeing the fruits of Sylvester Stallone's starring role as Hatch in "Victory"? Forget Bradenton, it's time to make a stirring WWII-era football pic with a stud American forward.

(Separate Q: how long before Derby comes a'courting for Tony Meola?)

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