Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MLS--Minor League Soccer

In this first installment of what is certain to become a running feature, we bring you the continuing misadventures of MLS--Minor League Soccer. As this league, which is supposedly in its ascendancy, struggles to make itself relevant in the USA and in the greater footballing world, there have been and will continue to be missteps.

Scotto previously noted the fact that the Dallas paper printed the picture of the wrong Denilson, and the WNBA's supremacy over the Galaxy-Chivas derby.

And now? Attendance for Wednesday's SuperLiga match between the Galaxy and Pachuca has been capped at 12,500 despite the fact that the Home Depot Center seats 27,000! And why would MLS and the Galaxy voluntarily cut their gate receipts by more than half????

It seems that HDC shares space with Cal State Dominguez Hills, and "Attendance was capped...to limit traffic and ease parking problems for students in their first week of fall classes."

What the?! First, quick show of hands--who outside of Carson, CA, has ever heard of CSUDH? Second, the fact that MLS would allow something as significant as attendance--and the resulting profits--at a marquee event to be affected by something so random as "student parking issues" is just mind-boggling.

If MLS cannot overcome issues like this, soccer will never "make it" into mainstream sporting America.

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CSUDH President Herman D. Stebblewimple said...

I must protest your ignorance of the fine academic tradition here at CSUDH! Also note many of the saftig coeds that pop up on our web page when you open it. If you get a male, well, then just reload the page until you find a student to your liking. That's just like our learning philosophy. Keep trying until you find something you like.
Anyway, re this parking thing. We at CSUDH take our parking situation very seriously. We must earnestly endeavor to avoid parking catastrophes like the one that occured at freshman orientation in 1965, aka the Watts riots.
Also, we at CSUDH are FC Dallas fans. Go Toros!