Monday, August 27, 2007

Slurpo-san says...

Slurpo-san (who is considering using the 3rd person to refer to himself in all future posts) was visiting his old, and soon-to-be new, hometown this weekend. Therefore Slurpo-san was deprived of all EPL-action. the only footie Slurpo-san watched was the dismal Toronto-DC United affair which doesn't warrant further mention. On the bright side Slurpo-san, and Slusho-san (the official wife of Slurpo-san--tip of the cap to TMQ), got to eat some great food, hang out with family and go house-hunting w/ the official realtor of the Slurpo family. So it wasn't all bad. Slurpo-san will try to pick up the posting pace this week, and keep your eyes open for a new feature: "Slurpo-san's weekly rant." Stay tuned for more details.

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