Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend wrap

My two big stories you can find below (Klinsi and Benny). Otherwise, here's my executive summary of the weekend:

1. ManU was really lucky to get 3 points against Tottenham. That said, Scholes was great.

2. I love Reading manager (and economic historian) Steve Coppell:

“I’m old school, I suppose, but I want someone to say to me: ‘I made my fortune in
electronics, you know about football. I’ll look after the business, you take
care of the football, and we’ll both get on with it’. That’s my environment to
work in.”

3. Dempsey opened his account for the season (1:12 into video) for Fulham in his first start of the year. Keller also got his first start with Fulham. Usual result on the road, though, as the Cottagers go down to Villa 2-1.

4. Team Friedel (Blackburn) and Team Howard (Everton) battled to an entertaining 1-1 draw.

5. Really enjoyed the ManCity-Arsenal match. And glad to see Sven lose.


1. Slurpo-san summed up the DC-Toronto match about right. Zzzzzzz.

2. That's all I saw. Not sure if I had the option of watching anyone else.

3. Enjoyed the recent Q&A on Ives Galarcep's blog. Lots of Q's about MLS expansion. 18 teams by 2012??? Yowsers. Might be a tad many for the US player pool to support. But are you thinking what I'm thinking? Get the boots out and go for a jog, and let's get ready to walk on!!!

I'm going to try and make it as a reserve right back for "PSV Cleveland." Who's with me?

Finally, MLS goal of the week: Jozy's 25-yard field goal attempt (check out video highlights): it's long enough, it's...GOOD!

We noted last week the signing of Denilson by FC Dallas. We figured we were talking about the 30-year old member of the 2002 World Cup-winning Brazil side, and former member of Balompie Blog-favorite Real Betis (Beeeee-tis!). Well, not so fast. The article announcing the signing in the Fort Worth Star Telegram posts a picture of the 19-year old Arsenal midfielder who goes by the same name. Typically ignorant MLS reporting or an amazing coup by the league? (I personally think Denilson is making an unwise career choice by leaving Arsenal for FC Dallas.)

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