Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Szetela move near?

Slurpo-san thought that Danny Szetela's loan move to AS Roma was a done deal, but apparently not. Word has it that Reading, Everton, Lazio, Celtic, Rangers, Hertha Berlin and, yes, AS Roma are still in the hunt for Szetela's signature. Go Danny go, get away from MLS while there's still time! Don't become the next Mastroeni!!

Slurpo-san thinks that Szetela played exceptionally well during the U.S's U-20 World Cup run this summer, so its not surprising to see the long list of potential suitors.
Its good to see players capitalizing on strong showings in international tournaments, including Zizzo, Adu and now Szetela from the U-20 team, and Feilhaber from the Gold Cup and Copa America (ugh) teams. Stand by for a host of Jozy Altidore rumors as soon as he turns 18 in November, with a move during the January transfer window a distinct possibility.


Scotto said...

What should his top priority be at this point?
I would normally say to go where he can play, but he's still under 20, so maybe that isn't the top priority at the moment? Maybe a place where he could grow? EPL he'd probably get some cup games. Scottish premier league or the Bundesliga may both be good moves at his age (SPL he'd get some champion's League exposure; Bundesliga is a better league).

But I like the idea of getting someone in Italy. I think that could only help our player pool, and could create further opportunities down the road for americans in italia.

Slurpo-san said...

I agree that he needs to play--everyone needs to play to get better. But I wonder whether, over the long run, an apprenticeship in Italy that included lots of reserve team football would serve him just as well or better than sitting the bench and making the occasional sub or domestic cup appearance for an EPL squad. And
Roma has a fantastic commitment to attacking football, so I would love to see him there. At this point however, I don't care where he goes, just as long as it isn't back to MLS.

Anonymous said...

Great site!

Slurpo-san said...

thanks anon! feel free to spread the word to other folks and comment on anything and everything...the more the merrier!