Friday, August 24, 2007

A WNBA Super Clasico!!!

I feel bad for MLS sometimes. Last night, the (surely self-dubbed) "Super Clasico" derby between the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA was delayed by...a WNBA game. And, not just any WNBA game, but the first triple overtime game in the history of the league. Ouch.
I guess MLS decided to start the game before the television coverage switched over and we finally got to the game about 12 minutes in. I hope this isn't a sign of the pecking order over at ESPN. I can kind of sort of understand not switching over during what might have been the most thrilling game in WNBA history (I can't say for sure as this marked my first WNBA viewing experience--it was FAN-God awful). But, I thought maybe, just maybe, one of the twenty other ESPN channels might have switched to the game. Well, ESPN Classic did switch from its normally scheduled the WNBA game. Ouch ouch.

Once we finally got to the game, though, we saw Chivas beat down a thoroughly miserable-looking Galaxy side. Galaxy bruiser and purported midfielder Kevin Harmse (pictured) finally got tossed from a game for a sly uppercut thrown during a scrum that ensued after a hard foul on Beckham by Chivas MF Jesse Marsch. I say "finally" because it's hard to watch Galaxy games and not dislike Harmse. He's kind of like Robbie Savage for Blackburn but without any positive soccer skills whatsoever.

Anyway, no way Becks should have come back for the second half. He was exhausted and ineffective (not surprising), but with a big Galaxy middle finger to Fortuna, out he came for the entire 2nd half. Oy...were they tempting fate. He ended up limping off the field at the end. He went 90 with a man down! ARGHHHHH! Sub him out, for the love of God! It was painful to watch. I wanted to strangle Galaxy manager Frank Yallop through the TV. Yallop seemed to push it off on Beckham--"he said he wanted to go." Of course he's going to say that. Manage him! Take him out. You were getting trounced anyway!

Oh well. Nice job by Chivas. MoM: a lively Maykel Galindo and an effective Sacha Kljestan (tie).

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Slurpo-san said...

I tried to watch some of the match--turned it on at 9:35 p.m. EST and saw that the WNBA game was on. I thought that surely ESPN would switch over, perhaps preempting Baseball Tonight on the mother ship. But no, apparently women's hoops was more important. So depressing I didn't even bother to watch the 3rd overtime. I just went to bed.

side note--how about "Large" Marge Dydek, the 7'2" center for one of the teams? To quote Deuce Bigalow, "that's a huge _____!"